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This journal contains fanfic and fan-written non-fiction (e.g. interpretive/argumentative essays). Obviously most of the proper names and some of the words come from the original creator, in most cases J.R.R. Tolkien or the scriptwriters associated with the Peter Jackson movie. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended. No money is made.

While I do try to respect the original source, I may present characterizations, customs, or themes that are not what Tolkien (or on the rare occasion I write other fandoms, those fandoms' original authors) intended. Not everything I say about a canonical character will reflect the original author's intent. This is particularly true for Tolkien because I take Tolkien's conceit that his books are translations of historical documents rather seriously. While I respect his world and try to be consistent so that my readers are not jarred and/or confused, I am not Tolkien. It does both him and me a disservice to pretend that I am, so I present my own themes and let Tolkien speak through his own words. For me, being canonical means adopting Tolkien's plot details (character names, genealogies, histories, etc.) and not necessarily his real-life worldview.

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