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Comments are always welcome! I posted the stories I have written before 7/14/2007 over several days, and with so much posting in such a short time period, I may have made formatting errors or not completely tagged everything. I am especially interested in fixing these, so please feel free to tell me if you notice anything. I have tried to post older stories by year, so you will find the first posts in this journal are my older stories
Title: First Glance
Word Count: 662 + Notes
Rating: G
Challenge: b2wm 2010 #2, fanfic_100 table #01 - beginnings
Fandom: LOTR
Characters: Boromir, Theodred
Warnings: Contains theme of slash, but still very much G-rated.
Summary: How it all began - for one of them, at least.

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Title: Leather
Summary: Sometimes, a sensation as simple as touch can have a powerful affect. Four drabbles about Boromir and Theodred.
Notes: Written for the t_w "leather" challenge.
Word Count: 400 + Notes
Timeline: bookverse, pre-WOTR (no specific time)
Warnings: Angst. And m/m erotica, though definitely of the PG variety.
Rating: Teen
Betas: just_ann_now


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Title: Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair, Pt 1 - Fire
Summary: A series of vignettes involving Denethor and Aragorn. Each vignette is inspired by one of the five elements of classical philosophy.
Word Count: 494 + Notes (this part)
Timeline: bookverse, 2951 T.A.
Warnings: Implied slash. Also, while these vignettes are strictly canonical within bookverse, I freely admit that Tolkien may not have intended this interpretation of his steward and king.
Rating: This part - Teen; Overall - Mature


1. This story was inspired by [livejournal.com profile] ribby's request for a giftfic for [livejournal.com profile] just_ann_now. It's all her fault, honestly.

2. Thanks to agape4gondor, for her beta help. *kisses*

Disclaimer: Tolkien = genius; me, not so much.

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Title: Concealment
Summary: When news reached Rohan of the death of Dol Amroth's ruling prince, Théodred rode for Gondor as quickly as his horse would carry him. Of course he would come; Boromir needed him.
Word Count: 3392 + Notes
Rating: Mature (for m/m erotic content)
Timeline: Mid-Third Age (bookverse)

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Title: Come Back to Me
Summary: As the third age rolls on, an entwife meets a certain river-daughter.
Word Count: 2510 + Notes
Rating: Mature (for explicit f/f erotic content)
Timeline: Early Third Age (bookverse)

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Title: Beauty
Summary: Sam muses on wha he loves about Frodo.
Word Count: 100
Rating: Teen (for implied m/m relationship)
Timeline: Late Third Age (bookverse)

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Title: Free and Gay
Summary: Some soldiers of Gondor celebrate Yule at Cair Andros.
Word Count: 633
Rating: Teen (themes of m/m sexuality)
Timeline: Mid-Third Age (bookverse)

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